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Wooden Matching Memory Game – Animals- Flip and Match Matching Picture Snap Pairs Game Pairing Montessori Waldorf Educational Toys 16 Discs

Product Features

Wooden Memory Game is designed to help the development of memory, visual perception and thinking skills for ages 3 and above.

The box contains 16 wooden discs.

The aim of the game is to match the most number of discs. All discs are arranged on a flat surface in a closed position. During the game the discs’ places are not changed. The first player turns 2 discs. If the discs are identical, the player wins these two discs. If the two discs are not the same, the discs are closed again and the game continues. The turn passes to the other player. The player who collects the most discs wins the game.

Alternative game: 4 different discs are arranged as open on a flat surface. Players examine the shapes and close their eyes. One of the discs is taken from the playing area. Players open their eyes and try to guess which disc is missing. The first player to say wins the disc. The number of discs can be increased in the following stages.

You can choose one of the options: Animals, Fruits, Vehicles, Numbers, Monsters, Robots, Dinosaurs, Space.

It is a great birthday gift for your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, grandchildren.

Disc Size: 6.5 cm

Disc Thickness: 0.7 cm

Total Weight: 0.53 Pounds

Recommended Age: 3 Years and Above

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