Set of 3 Wooden Lacing Threading Toys (Plane+Seal+Hedgehog)

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Set of 3 Wooden Vehicles & Animals Lacing Threading Toys for Toddlers Montessori Lacing Cards Boards Educational Learning Toys for Kids Toddlers


Plane Hedgehog Seal Lacing

IMPROVES FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  Lacing and Threading Toys are handcrafted to develop children´s dexterity, patience, concentration, hand-eye coordination, pincer grasp, and overall fine motor skills in a fun way. Combination of animal and vehicle lacing and threading toys will help improve coordination of small muscles in kids’ hands, fingers, and eyes and help them tying shoelaces, doing up buttons, writing, drawing.

NURTURES CHILD`S IMAGINATION AND SPARKS CREATIVITY: Through the practice of lacing & threading they use their imagination to create endless patterns. Animal and Vehicle lacing and threading boards are open-ended Montessori toys; there are no rules to follow, so children are free to thread however they wish.

FUN COLLECTION OF ANIMALS AND VEHICLES: Wooden lacing animal’s and vehicle`s collection is designed to give freedom and endless possibilities to play based on the kid’s interests and abilities through their learning journey. Our lacing boards are available in nine exciting themes – Plane, Car, Train, Tractor, Bunny, Sheep, Seal, Hedgehog, Dog.

PERFECT GIFT FOR BIRTHDAY&HOLIDAY&CHRISTMAS&EASTER: It will be well-received favourite gift for the little ones, especially for a toddler/pre-schooler.  You will bring joy into your children`s or grandchildren`s life and help them develop fine motor skills.

MADE OF NATURAL BEECH WOOD: Eco-friendly, simple, minimalistic option for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Super simple and effective to develop fine motor skills.

RECOMMENDED FOR 2+: This is a great option for toddlers and pre-schoolers. All the toys should be used under adult supervision, the sizes are made thoughtfully having in consideration any possible hazards, but the responsibility is from the adult making sure that the kids are playing in a safe environment.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Wooden animal/vehicle (3 pcs of your choice), white string/cord with wooden needle

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